Maintenance Engineering PGCert

Two PEME engineers have been awarded a Post Graduate Certificate (PGCert) in Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management from the highly acclaimed School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) at the University of Manchester.

Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management is a critical field of managerial and technical importance to our clients. It is estimated that 10% of typical plant cost is spent every year maintaining that plant. Maintenance can make the difference in achieving productivity targets and retaining competitiveness and maintenance engineers can make a major positive contribution to the performance of their assets.

Plant Maintenance is a sophisticated discipline, which embraces management techniques, organisation, planning and the application of substantial electronic, engineering and analytical know-how to manufacturing processes and the efficient operation of industrial plant.

The PEME sponsored students are Colin Smith and Laurie-ann Smith. Colin is a PEME Site Supervisor with broad experience of managing Plant Maintenance Contracts on a range of client sites in different sectors and utilizing a range of industrial processes and has extensive reliability improvement experience. Laurie-ann is employed as a Reliability Engineer on PEME client sites. She is a product of the PEME apprentice training scheme and is a qualified mechanical engineer experienced in a range of industrial manufacturing environments with a proven ability to capture and analyse failure modes through the use of Condition Monitoring.

The aim of the MSc Programme is to provide companies with the technical and managerial expertise to thrive in the manufacturing sector and this is why PEME have enrolled both Colin and Laurie-ann as students on the part-time, 3 year Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management MSc course. On successful completion of the second year they will obtain a Postgraduate Diploma in the discipline and on completion of the third year they will be awarded the MSc in Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management.