Plant Maintenance

Effective maintenance can significantly reduce operating costs and increase productivity. Partnering with PEME, the leading Asset Care specialists, mobilises a sustainable Plant Maintenance solution.

Our approach to Plant Maintenance is based on improving the condition, reliability and utilisation of your assets.  Our engineers challenge working practices, scrutinise failure modes and develop engineering solutions to improve production facilities on your behalf. We have invested in developing and training a skilled Asset Care workforce, so we are able to offer a managed solution to address the skilled engineering labour force shortages that are now commonplace.

Benefits from PEME’s Approach include:

  • Optimisation and improved condition of your production assets
  • A long-term and sustainable partnership. We aim to build an understanding of your business and engineering processes with the aim of improving your assets
  • Up-skilling of engineering workforce.  This helps to address problems relating to skill and experience deficiencies, in relation to Plant maintenance and reliability, due to factors such as staff shortages, lack of practical training and reduced investment in training
  • Provision of robust Asset Care practices including Condition Monitoring, with extensive experience of delivering these benefits to blue-chip clients with maintenance program shortfalls
  • Improved leadership and delivery of Continuous Improvement Project Installations with efficiency gains from PEME’s ability to provide a holistic service covering design, process control software, fabrication, welding, panel building and mechanical and electrical installations
  • Significant Plant safety improvements and risk reduction by ensuring compliance with Engineering Compliance obligations

PEME can also assist you in initiating the Asset Care function within a new Plant, by scoping, sourcing and putting in-place the required Asset Care infrastructure whilst training and mentoring your engineering staff to take full responsibility for Plant Maintenance once it is successfully up and running.

We have a proven track record of helping companies improve their Asset Care arrangements by introducing robust Plant Maintenance practices and a culture of Reliability Improvement.