Reliability Centred Maintenance

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) is a Reliability Improvement methodology that focuses on identifying appropriate Preventive Maintenance tasks that will effectively manage the risks you face of equipment failure. RCM can yield results very quickly if correctly focused and applied within an Asset Care strategy.

Musk uses the structured decision-making framework provided by RCM within our Maintenance Improvement projects to create a cost-effective and safe Preventive Maintenance regime to address dominant causes of equipment failure. The result is an Asset Care Strategy that focuses economic resources on those engineering assets that would cause the most disruption to your operations if they were to fail.  RCM emphasises the use of Condition Monitoring techniques alongside justified Preventive Maintenance tasks.

We provide in-house RCM Training for our Plant Maintenance engineers.

We have two RCM approaches:

  • Fast-track RCM: A Musk developed fast-track RCM process which helps our engineers to make timely decisions about Preventive Maintenance tasks and task intervals.  We also provide guidance on how to write maintenance task descriptions that are unambiguous and quantitative.
  • Full RCM: A structured maintenance strategy review process that can be applied to new or existing assets and that can be applied across a whole Plant or on selected engineering assets.