Root Cause Analysis

Musk uses Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to prevent re-occurring equipment and process failures. It is a powerful Reliability Improvement tool. If you do not tackle the root causes of failures and incidents they will continue to occur.

For an effective Reliability Improvement programme a robust Root Cause Analysis approach is an essential element. Often, equipment will fail but the true root cause can be as a result of human actions or errors, requiring an alternative solution to just replacing the failed component.

Musk provides in-house RCA Training for our Plant Maintenance engineers.

We have two RCA approaches:

  • Fast-track RCA: A Musk developed fast-track RCA process which helps our engineers to identify the root-causes of engineering failures during their normal working routine. This ensures our engineers question whether they are solving a re-occurring problem with their actions or inappropriately dealing with the symptoms of an underlying problem.
  • Full RCA: This full process is used to address significant failures that justify a more extensive analysis. We use a Root Cause Analysis approach that helps our engineers to effectively define a problem, gather relevant data, analyse that data and find appropriate solutions that work.