Planner Adds Value

Laurie-ann Smith

Following the mobilisation of an improved maintenance regime, PEME Reliability Engineer, Laurie-ann Smith (pictured),  remained with our clients Asset Care team in the Maintenance Planner role to ensure the implemented solution was sustainable and the expected benefits achieved.

PEME initially conducted a Maintenance Improvement Project that used a fast-track Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) approach to define new, unambiguous, cost-effective and justified Preventive Maintenance Task Lists.

Laurie-ann was responsible for the planning and scheduling of Plant Maintenance based on priorities, maintenance downtime events and resource availability. She was also responsible for continuous improvement of the new maintenance Task Lists and ensuring the RCM-based logic was maintained.

We provided this focused approach to the on-site Asset Care team to further improve asset reliability, reducing asset downtime and increasing productivity. We engaged our client’s engineering team by ensuring they attended PEME’s fast-track RCM workshop; this enabled them to understand the introduced Asset Care Strategy and improve existing maintenance tasks, by challenging the tasks, task intervals and failures to justify beneficial changes to the Preventive Maintenance Task Lists.

The client gained a motivated team who were focused on delivery of effective Preventative Maintenance whilst ensuring the tasks they were conducting were appropriate for the asset, its operating context and the typical dominant failure modes suffered.

Following this training and mentoring, the team introduced several value-add improvements as well as ensuring priority areas in the Plant received a high level of maintenance support, leading to a decrease in engineering downtime from break-downs and an increase in Preventive Maintenance completion rates.