Maintenance Planner Safety Prize

In November 2011 PEME started a scheme to encourage the reporting of ‘near misses’ at all of our client sites. Health and Safety Manager Michael Edwards said, “we knew that our people were dealing with near misses regularly, but resolving them as part of their regular duties. This scheme is intended to bring out the good work our people are doing that was previously unseen“.

Over the past three months, a significant number of ‘near misses’ have been raised across our client sites; all of them high quality and addressing potentially serious issues. Some of these were based on issues that our engineers found during routine maintenance work, most about unsafe conditions but all were issues that could have been dangerous for anyone who came into contact with them. This safety award initiative is an important element of our Safety continuous improvement drive.

The picture shows the latest recipient of a safety award, Brian Jones, PEME Maintenance Planner, receiving his award from Ashley Maile (PEME MD) for his excellent work in raising and resolving a significant safety issue on a client’s site. Brian spotted and dealt with a dangerous light fitting over a pedestrian route and arranged for it to be replaced.

The award is part of PEME’s continuing drive to highlight hazards in the workplace and improve safety in the workplace for everyone.