Maintenance Team Award

PEME Bottling Plant Team - Maintenance Team Award Nomination - Team Picture

A PEME Plant Maintenance Team responsible for the planned maintenance on production assets in one of our client’s production facilities has been short-listed for the national Manufacturing Champions Maintenance Team award.

Our maintenance team were charged with delivering planned maintenance that immediately reduced the number of breakdowns and improved productivity.  A fast-track Maintenance Improvement Project was completed and the new regime mobilised and a continuous improvement program initiated.

The direct action by the team resulted in productivity improvement and they quickly forged good working relationships with local operators and the client engineering team still responsible for reactive maintenance. The PEME team are very interactive with the production operatives and ensure they are aware of the need to raise concerns about potential failures or degradation with the our team.  In this way they have increased the number of people in the area, now looking for warning signs of developing problems, as the assets are in-use.  Pro-active intervention has reduced the number of break-downs.

Good communication, through daily contact and weekly planning meetings, involving area stakeholders, have been established which in combination with a flexible-approach to a shift pattern has facilitated asset release for planned maintenance. Quick productivity wins, in the first few weeks, generated an interest from the operator’s and provided an opportunity through informal conversations and Tool-Box-Talks for a mutual understanding of how to improve the availability of equipment. As Production’s confidence in the team’s justification, planning and delivery of maintenance tasks grew, the release of assets to allow access to conduct intrusive maintenance tasks became easier and support for planned maintenance has increased.

Real-world quantitative benefits and strong support from our client has convinced the judges at this year’s Manufacturing Champions to short-list this team.