Maintenance Team Short-listed


A PEME Maintenance team has been short-listed for a national manufacturing award. The nominated team are embedded on one of our Asset Care partners sites and help them have safe assets that achieve their full productivity potential.

The assets had suffered periods of maintenance neglect in the past.  There is limited access to equipment as the facility runs 24 / 7 and although a number of preventive maintenance task lists existed, most were intrusive and therefore, were rarely completed.  A ‘run-to-failure’ acceptance, both in engineering and production, had become the norm, which was self-perpetuating. This was causing an increase in breakdowns with a significant negative impact on production and engineering costs. The PEME team developed a fast-track strategy to drive reliability improvement into their area and reduce productivity loss. To get short-listed they had to demonstrate how they did this.

This award is presented to the maintenance team that’s pulled together to produce the most impressive performance gains over the past year. Entries include teams that have focused on an internal process or product improvement, or worked alongside customers or supply chain partners to boost factory performance. What matters is the ability of that team to work collaboratively to deliver success.

Our team consisted of the following engineers:

  • Stephanus Blignaut – Operations Manager
  • James Maile – Team Leader
  • Matthew Allen – Mechanical Technician
  • Andrew Gilbey – Mechanical Technician
  • Ryan Meierhofer – Mechanical Apprentice

But they will have to wait until the Manufacturing Champions Awards on December 08 to find out if they have been successful.