Mentioned in Dispatches

The recent performance of two PEME stalwarts, Nigel Essex and Colin Hallam, and the contribution they have made to a successful planned outage, has been brought to the attention of the PEME management team by our Asset Care partner.

Colin and Nigel are members of our team in Melton Mowbray.  The factory where they are based has a significant canning and pouch manufacturing facility producing more than 2 million products each month.  This team supports our client with an Asset Care package which includes Plant Maintenance and Engineering Compliance.

The following feedback was received “We’ve just had a very successful factory outage; all planned work was carried out and the factory started really well. Both Nigel and Colin have played a big part and were instrumental in achieving this success by going above and beyond; all jobs planned for them were carried out and they still managed to complete extra tasking. Nigel was the Job Controller for a significant task and did a cracking job and Colin led a team on a major mixer task as well as completing other assignments and aiding on start-up. I Just wanted to share this with you, as both have worked extended days during a really hard working week, but with a great ending, so please pass my thanks to both of them.”

Associate Director, Barrie Robinson said “A great effort from Colin and Nigel in supporting our client and adding real value. It’s receiving feedback like this that makes me realise just what a great job our engineers do, not just on outage days but every day”.