Nigel Essex Safety Award

PEME’s drive to improve Health and Safety in the workplace by identifying and dealing with Near Misses continued this month with the presentation of our latest recognition award.

Nigel Essex identified, reported by raising a Near Miss and rectified, a damaged and degraded walkway that if left unattended could have caused severe injury or death to people in the vicinity or damage to expensive production machinery. The picture show’s Nigel Essex receiving his award from Stef Smith (PEME Associate Director).

Near Misses are ‘almost’ accidents, that need to be dealt with as effectively and quickly, as for example, an unguarded machine. Various studies in the workplace, over many years, have identified that Near Misses are the unseen part of the “iceberg” and that for every 300 or so Near Misses there will be one major or fatal injury occurrence.

Michael Edwards (PEME Health, Safety and Environmental Manager), said; “I’ve always believed in openness around accidents, as the only way to stop them happening is to fully investigate and educate people on the causes and means to stop a similar occurrence in the future. Having concentrated on reducing our accident rate over the last few years, we recognise the need to go an extra step and try to eliminate the circumstances that can lead to accidents. PEME’s approach in the raising of Near Misses by those people closest to them, our workforce, and encouraging them to develop a sensible, proportionate resolution, is the perfect way to do this.