No More Licking


PEME has a large engineering workforce that is distributed across many manufacturing sites in the UK and abroad. In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, PEME has introduced a secure document portal to distribute documents and information online to our employees and contractors.

This reduces paper usage in-line with our environmental improvement initiatives but also speeds-up the process of passing on essential information. One of the other benefits of the system is that it allows historical documents to be easily accessed by users.

The types of information that PEME is making available via this system includes payslips, Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental briefings, holiday notifications, company vehicle updates, internal job adverts, employee updates, etc.

PEME Head of Postage, Claire Garfield, said “I’m delighted, I’ve licked enough envelopes and stamps in this role and this system negates the need for that effort, cost and wastage”.

The new system integrates with PEME’s existing accounting software, allowing documents such as payslips to be transferred and automatically routed to recipients with just a few clicks of a mouse. Individuals receive an email when any new document is available to view, advising them to login to the portal.