Our Unsung Hero

One of our Plant Maintenance Team Managers has been nominated for the Unsung Hero award at this year’s Manufacturing Champions organised by the Works Management magazine.

Fanie Blignaut is a PEME Operations Manager on one of our Asset Care Partner sites.  He is accountable for all deliverables from 4 maintenance teams and also personally responsible for: site-wide maintenance planning; materials management; labour resourcing and detailed maintenance performance reporting.  He provides day-to-day technical support to his team, conducts safety audits, and delivers monthly Tool-Box-Talks (TBTs).

Amongst many other actions, Fanie makes time to engage with his colleagues and is supportive, even when this increases his workloads.  He is always willing to go the extra mile to help, including rolling-up his sleeves to help complete a job. He enthusiastically mentors his team leaders which include young engineers in their first supervisory roles and pro-actively facilitates others introducing improvements and is happy for them to receive credit with no visibility of his support.

The Unsung Hero award rewards the employee who goes above and beyond expectations to support site success. From coming in on a weekend to help out during a production peak to spearheading suggestions scheme ideas to improve their area, this award celebrates those individuals with a ‘can do’ attitude.  Fanie fits this profile for many reasons,  including the fact he starts his daily shift early and unpaid to capture information about certain production assets to facilitate immediate interventions to prevent catastrophic failures and condition monitoring to initiate maintenance action. This has gained an availability increase and a risk reduction.  No ‘song-and-dance’ he just gets on with it.