Palletiser Overhaul Completed

A team of PEME mechanical engineers have completed an overhaul of a client’s Palletiser and infeed conveyors. The palletiser automatically stacks cases of manufactured goods onto a pallet for transportation.

The PEME team were tasked with stripping down the infeed conveyors and replacing the rollers, drive chains, sprockets and the drive motor gearboxes. The palletiser also had its hoist shaft, eccentric bearings, Linear bearings, shafts and bushes replaced.  New pneumatic cylinders were fitted with installation of a new air regulator. The outfeed of the palletiser conveyor chains were also replaced with new bearings fitted to the chain conveyor’s drive and idle shafts.

The team, shown in the picture, consisted of Tomas Cosgrove, Liam Gallagher, Matt ‘Bracket’ Allen and Gavin Stimpson led by PEME Reliability Manager, Paul Seammen.

Once the overhaul was complete the palletiser and infeed conveyor was commissioned successfully. Paul said “following this overhaul, the asset has been returned to the client in a much improved condition and will be capable again of providing maximum output with optimum energy consumption”.