PEME Apprentice of the Year

Anna Walker was named as this year’s PEME Apprentice of the Year at our annual apprentice evening. Anna has completed her advanced mechanical engineering apprenticeship with PEME during which she was awarded the PEME Special Recognition Award (2010) and the Newham College “Apprentice of the Year” (Award 2010).

To achieve this award, Anna has demonstrated excellent commitment, flexibility and customer-care skills combined with outstanding engineering proficiency. She has worked on several sites for some of our major clients. This has provided her with a significant work experience covering many assets, operating contexts and failure modes. This experience across multiple sites allows PEME to accelerate the ‘learning by experience’ that compliments the academic and college based learning that form part of the PEME apprenticeship package. Managing Director, Ashley Maile, is shown presenting Anna with her award and praised her for her determination and technical ability.

In addition to conducting Preventive Maintenance  and Corrective Maintenance, Anna has been involved in a range of Project Installations. Anna will now follow a Leadership Development profile to ensure she has a rewarding career within PEME.