PEME has provided one of our key clients, a leading food manufacturer, with a bespoke Critical Asset Tool (CAT). This web-enabled software tool will assist the client engineering team in the management of critical assets and increase visibility of information to further impact and improve engineering decision making. It contributes to a reliability improvement initiative.

This project was led by George Lovell (PEME IT guru) and built-on asset criticality reviews that Duncan Maxwell (PEME Reliability Manager) has been conducting for the client. Nigel Essex provided the local engineering knowledge to capture essential engineering data.

This short project involved the following activities:

  • An initial workshop to ensure the requirements and functionality of the bespoke system were understood and agreed and that all required information was available.
  • Production and beta testing of the CAT software tool.
  • Capture of engineering data for the critical assets and initial population of CAT.
  • User training.