PEME Charity Assault

Lee Dale - PEME Action Man

PEME Operations Manager, Lee Dale and Engineering Team Leader, James Maile took part in a recent charity assault course organised by Insane Terrain at Grange Farm Wansford raising money for HCCN (Hunts Community Cancer Network charity).

Lee was asked by James if he was willing to participate in a charity assault course as part of a ‘PEME team’ to which Lee duly accepted the challenge.  They signed-up in January, paid their entrance fees, Lee bought some new trainers and did a few evening runs… then fast forward to 10am on a Sunday morning when Lee was stood on the start line, on his own, ready-to-go.  James had organised his run for a later wave to accommodate his Sunday morning lay-in.  Despite a few aches and pains both completed the course in good time.

Lee joined PEME in 2000 via the PEME  Apprentice Scheme  gaining experience and knowledge working on a wide range of industrial projects.  Once qualified, Lee spent time on our Asset Care sites and in 2008 was promoted into an engineering team leader role and subsequently into operational management roles.

Lee is shown out on the course and afterwards said “we had a good laugh on the day and raised money for an excellent cause, I have already signed myself and James up for the next event in June.”