PEME Engineer Supports CTR

PEME 2011 Apprentice of the year, Anna Walker, as part of her award, has been given the opportunity to be a mechanic for CTR Racing during the 2012 season.

Anna attended the MCN Motorcycle Show in the ExCel Centre, London as a guest of CTR. She met some of the team as well as some of the other competitors. Anna and the team discussed duties and the structure of the race weekends.

Team owner and driver, Craig Chaplow said “It was great to meet Anna again and introduce her to the team. With the higher profile of the championship this year, every team needs to step up a gear in preparation and maintenance of the sidecars. She will bring different engineering skills to the team and will be a great asset to the team as well as perhaps learning something from us”.

Anna said “I have never worked in this type of environment before, with the public looking into the race awning, watching you working to prepare the sidecar for the next race. I am looking forward to being part of the CTR Racing team for the upcoming season and meeting the whole team along with the other competitors. I think it will be a great experience and I am looking forward to learning about the sidecar”.

The picture shows Craig Chaplow, Chris Jobbins and Anna Walker at the show with the PEME sponsored sidecar.