PEME Flash Mob

A flash mob is a group of people who are assembled in short notice to perform an activity for a brief time, then quickly disperse. That is exactly what a troop of PEME engineers did over a fourteen week period. They formed a project team and successfully removed engineering assets, which had been sold from a local factory scheduled for closure.

The picture shows part of the PEME team responsible for completing this factory retirement project. They may look like extras from STOMP, but this mixed team of experience and skill-sets have successfully completed this factory closure project to cost and date targets. Despite the complexity and hazards naturally created as equipment was removed, no significant incidents were recorded, thanks to the sensible approach taken by the team and to the robust near miss reporting process imbedded as part of the Construction, Design and Management (CDM) process adopted by PEME.

Approximately 200 loads of equipment intentionally left the site in everything from a small van to shipping containers; many of them as ‘part lots’ creating a logistical riddle which PEME Electrical Project Supervisor, Glenn Waters, managed by fulfilling the role of Logistics Co-ordinator, in addition to his electrical supervision work. Glenn did this with gusto and ensured that each load was documented, signed for and despatched with the minimum of ‘standing time’ for the drivers.

PEME Mechanical Supervisor, Kevin McShane, also played a major role, by taking responsibility for programming and scheduling the removal of the equipment and ensuring best use of the labour on site. The project concluded with 24 storage bins weighing around 11 tonnes each, along with ancillary chutes and sliders, being removed by a variety of cranes and loaded directly onto flatbed trailers for transportation to the purchasers.