PEME Football Winner

PEME run a football predictions competition. Players make score predictions on English Premier League matches. The competition is free to enter for employees, their families and clients with £100 prize for best score each month and an iPad 3 for the overall winner at the end of the season.

Many congratulations to Chris Bradshaw who has won the PEME 2012/13 football competition with a total of 561 points. Glenn Clarke was second with 554 points.  Last year’s winning total was 537 points (2010/11 498, 2009/10 587) and so it would appear as a group we are becoming better at predicting the outcome of games. The 100 pounds prize for May goes to Kevin Smith who scored 67 points for the month.

The most common results in the Premier League this season were 1-0, 1-1 and 2-1 with each happening 41 times. The second most common trend was Man Utd winning in ‘Fergie time’ a phenomena that may not be available to the ‘reds’ next term. 166 (44%) matches were home wins, 108 (28%) were draws and 106 (28%)were away wins (last season’s figures were 45%/24%/31%).