PEME Life of Liam

2012 PEME Apprentice of the Year, Liam Gallagher, provides us with an insight into a typical working week. Liam is currently working towards his level 3 qualifications to complete his apprenticeship and is busy gaining additional multi-site experience.


Monday soon comes around and this week I’m at a PEME client site located somewhere in the West Midlands. The site is a Motor Vehicle Recycling Plant which, once built, will extract various recyclable materials from scrap cars. Project work has always appealed to me since I’ve worked for PEME, as I spent my first couple of years working on new project installations.

My first task was to spend a short time with the Site Manager carrying out a safety induction and learning the sites rules before being taken for a tour of the building. Then the real work started and I was given the job of drilling and tapping steel work for floor plates on a new platform.


I carried on from the previous day, fixing down all of the floor plates on the new platform and installing the handrails; it was really beginning to take shape.


Back at college for the day, working on my Project Folder work where I have designed and fabricated a rain cover for an electrical box on a client’s site.


I returned to the West Midlands, where my morning task was locating and labelling-up lengths of galvanized steel which was being prepared for a new platform and conveyor installation. After lunch, we split into two teams and began building two steel structures on opposites sides of the new factory.  With the assistance of two crane drivers we soon got to work and the platforms were looking really good.


We completed the first stage of our framework and moved on to lifting the first 4 tonne conveyor into position. This type of work is great for an apprentice as there are so many skills which can be learnt on a daily basis from the experienced tradesmen who oversee and mentor us.  We managed to get the second conveyor in by the end of play Friday afternoon and it was time to hit the road and head home towards Peterborough for another weekend of football and family time.