PEME Norway Mobilisation

PEME Norway Mobilisation

PEME has been engaged by a global market leader in metal recycling to mobilise an Asset Care partnership in two Plants in Norway. The Plants convert metal scrap into reusable metal and deliver it back to customers.  The purpose of PEME’s program is to improve Productivity.

There is a Norwegian proverb, “Det kjem inkte steikte fuglar flugjande i mun” which in English translates to “Birds fly not into our mouth ready roasted”.  In other words you cannot (or should not) expect to gain significant benefit without making some effort.”  This is very true when mobilising an Asset Care regime that delivers the sustainable availability required for successful industrial operations.

The mobilisation phase has included completion of a fast-track Maintenance Improvement Project to ensure a best-practice Preventive Maintenance regime is in-place, immediate implementation of routine Condition Monitoring to provide non-intrusive identification of developing failures before breakdown.

A Plant Maintenance team was pro-active from Day 1, completing ‘Line-walks’ and raising and dealing with  Corrective Maintenance notifications.

An Engineering Compliance Health-Check has been completed to ensure the Plant meets best-practice and regulatory compliance.

Stef Smith is the PEME Associate Director responsible for the operational management of our Reliability Department but also for mobilising new Asset Care contracts.  Stef said “This mobilisation has gone very well. We have quickly established a permanent on-going site presence supported by a UK-based specialist team (e.g. Reliability and Engineering Compliance).  My team has immediately started to get the Plant Asset Care arrangements under control and a sustainable solution bedded-in. I am grateful for the supreme effort and commitment shown not only by the engineering team but also our colleagues in HR and Accounts back in the UK.”

PEME’s Health & Safety Manager (Michael Edwards) attended the first few weeks of the Mobilisation Phase to ensure the PEME Safety Management System was appropriately, tailored and adopted and helped Stef to bed-in the new on-site Asset Care Team.

The mobilisation team is shown against a backdrop of the view from the Plant. Line up from left-to-right is: Stef Smith (Associate Director – Reliability); Gavin Robertson (Reliability Engineer); Michael Walker (Mechanical Engineer); Michael Edwards (Health, Safety and Environmental Manager); Tony Whyman (Operations Manager – Norway); David Hughes (Reliability Manager); Neil Parsons (Engineering Compliance Manager) and Tom Beeton (Engineering Compliance Engineer).