PEME Operational Day


PEME’s directors, managers and team leaders recently gave up a Saturday to attend a collaborative team-building day. The purpose of the day was twofold; to communicate PEME’s business strategy in more detail to key stakeholders and to set the basis for developing our Asset Care teams in the future.

PEME’s MD, Ashley Maile, set the scene by providing an inspiring presentation covering our business strategy and the underlying logic behind why we provide Asset Care partnerships to manufacturers that focuses on Plant MaintenanceReliability Improvement and Engineering Compliance. Ashley said that he hoped that  all attendees left with at least one new skill but that they also had a little fun along the way.

The event consisted of various activities including a thought-provoking Safety Moment from Associate Director, Barrie Robinson, who re-lived his personal experience in an industrial accident from which he was able to learn lessons for the benefit of his teams.

Pro-active involvement was very much the order of the day and this included a  Mind-Mapping exercise where groups were formed, presented with a complex business challenge, that they had to collectively explore using the MindMap approach to deal with the complexity and then present back to the collective.

Groups were also tasked with a challenging engineering-build project and Engineering Director, Darren Martin, is showing getting in the way of Michael Edwards from the Safety team and Vijendra Mishra (VJ) from our Condition Monitoring department. They were able to build a projectile that fuelled by a single can of WD40 cleared the car park and landed in adjacent farmland.

A visit to PEME’s new head office was included in the day providing personnel, who are usually embedded on our client’s manufacturing sites, to explore the new facility and the support services that our personnel based there provide to them out in the field.