PEME Passes Achillies Audit

Achillies is one of the world’s leading managers of supplier information. Their range of web-based services identify, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of buyers’ organisations worldwide.

PEME is registered with the Achilles supplier management service. We have completed a pre-qualification questionnaire and this has been independently verified. Our details can be viewed by every buyer registered in our industry sector. No time or effort is wasted in completing multiple pre-qualification questionnaire forms for different buyers.

We recently undertook an annual Achillies audit which involved a thorough examination of our Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Procedures at Head Office and a practical examination of how those are applied at a client site. This gives our clients and potential clients confidence that we are competent in these areas.

We achieved improvements in the percentage compliance achieved in both parts of the audit and will therefore, maintain our registration for a further year.