PEME Retains ISO 9001


PEME has successfully completed the annual ISO 9001 surveillance audit of our Quality Management System (QMS). An external auditor completed an audit during a visit to PEME HQ and this included interviewing several members of the PEME staff.

The auditor assessed the PEME QMS which has been improved over the last 12 months following our initial award in 2012. The audit resulted in no corrective actions, which demonstrates the improvements made during the year are consistent with the ISO 9001 standard. The auditors will return for the QMS recertification audit in 2014.

Barrie Robinson (PEME Associate Director) has held the role of PEME Quality Manager for the past year and the role now transfers to fellow Associate Director, Stefanus Smith.  At the formal hand-over Barrie said “As I stand-down from my term as Quality Manager, with the satisfaction of securing our ISO 9001 accreditation for another year, I would just like to acknowledge all the support and co-operation I have received over the last 12 months.  I do hope the new incumbent, Stef, gets the same, as he takes up the role.  I know he is looking forward to working with everyone in PEME to maintain the momentum we have built-up in improving our approach to Quality”.