PEME Spare Parts

PEME has recently completed a critical spares project for a new packaging line on one of our Plant maintenance client’s sites. The project was carried out by Reliability Engineer Laurie-ann Smith who analysed 120 new assets within one of the manufacturing departments.

The purpose of this Reliability project was to identify the critical spares for the new line and prepare for spares codification and stockholding analysis to be carried out during a later phase. The following activities were completed:

  • Key information was collected and reviewed from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), the client and physical site checks to identify all known spares.
  • A categorisation process was used to allocate a criticality to individual spare assets.
  • This information was then documented and both Critical Spares Lists and Bill of Materials (BoMs) were produced for each asset.
  • To ensure the information was accessible to all relevant user personnel, the Critical Spares Lists and BoMs documents were linked to their associated assets in the client’s Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
  • The client CMMS has been populated with useful asset specific information (including acquisition dates, model numbers and serial numbers).
  • Process Flow Diagrams were produced to assist personnel unfamiliar with the area to locate individual assets.
  • A User Guide was produced to ensure future users understand the background to the task, the underlying logic applied and how to access the information.

The following Benefits are achieved from this type of work:

  • Minimise plant downtime caused by lack of critical spares.
  • Justification for held spares.
  • Cost savings by not holding unnecessary spares.