PEME Star Baker

PEME Bake-off Winner 2015

PEME once again supported the annual Comic Relief fundraising event by holding  the popular annual PEME Bake-Off competition. This year’s culinary delight was ‘Lemon Drizzle Cake’, suggested by Stef Smith, who seemed quietly determined that he would stand a very good chance of winning, taking the title away from last year’s winner, Pat McAuley, who didn’t enter this year due to being on a diet.

Unfortunately, there was no entry from Stef as his cake didn’t rise for the occasion, therefore it was down to the ladies from HR & Accounts to battle it out.

After careful tasting from our ‘Chief Judge’, George Lovell (Head of PEME Global IT), he commented “Of all the entries, cakes 1 and 6 were notably more moist than the others and this is what stood out for me. It was a close call, but cake number 1 took the prize”. Managing Director, Ashley Maile, took it upon himself to taste all entries just to make sure the correct decision had been made.

Many congratulations go to Alison Bimson, PEME Accounts Manager, on becoming ‘PEME Star Baker 2015’; when Claire Garfield, the event organiser, asked Alison how she managed to make her cake more tastier than the rest, her reply was in the style of Meghan Trainor  “It’s all about the heat, bout the heat but no burning, all about the heat, bout the heat but no burning about the heat heat heat heat” Alison also commented saying “stabbing with a skewer then pouring & massaging in lots of warm sugary lemon syrup helps to make the cake moist, the more moist the better”.

There was a short ‘stewards enquiry’ after a M&S label was found on the plate containing Alison’s entry, but this was quickly explained as a random, non-connected event and the result was allowed to stand.  All cakes were then placed in reception, along with others kindly donated by PEME staff, where donations were made in return for a cake.

Claire Garfield said “ it was a great event, with a reasonable amount of money raised for a worthy cause to help those less fortunate than ourselves in Africa & in the UK. Thank you to those who participated in the PEME Bake-off, those who kindly donated & to those few who were brave enough to taste my entry”.