PEME Supporting Power Station

PEME is completing a significant project installation task in the United Arab Emirates for a new power station being built in Saudi Arabia. We are working on behalf of one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality water treatment equipment who is in turn supplying the Korean-based prime contractor.

Power stations require a large amount of water as cooling water to condensers, feed water to boilers to produce the steam that drives the turbines to generate electricity and as a scrubbing medium to remove air pollutants. Our role in this project has involved manufacturing analyser panels at our Peterborough workshops and shipping them out to the UAE for assembly before shipping to Saudi Arabia for final installation. The panels will be used to analyse the quality of water to and from the power station boilers.

In addition, in the UAE, we have a team of engineers who are installing the instrumentation pipework and cabling for water treatment skids for the new power station.

Nick Leaton has been the PEME Project Manager for this C&I installation  work and said “This equipment is used for a safety critical function and as a result high engineering standards for quality, safety and documentation have been expected and delivered”.