PEME tops Client Safety League Table

PEME has finished top of the Tate & Lyle Contractor Safety league table for the second consecutive year. During the year our people won 5 out of 12 monthly contractor awards and have avoided a lost time or reportable accident for the third year in a row.

We scored a total of 1480 points, the second place company scored 1365 and the bottom of the table was 990 points. Points are scored for safety awards, nominations for the awards, attendance at the monthly contractor safety meeting and holding toolbox talks. Points are lost for accidents, non-attendance of the monthly meeting, non-conformances from safety audits and failing to hold toolbox talks. PEME lost no points during the year.

During the year we also received a letter of commendation from the sites owners after an excellent performance during their internal auditing process. Tate & Lyle regularly present PEME as an example to all on-site contractors of what a proactive workforce can achieve. This award is an excellent endorsement of the robust integrated Safety management system that PEME has in-place.

PEME provides Tate & Lyle with Plant Maintenance and Reliability services including Condition Based Monitoring.

Thanks to Colin Smith, Jay Baldwin, Andre Fourie, Stephanus Blignaut, Michal Polak, Eugen Mihu and their team’s PEME’s reputation on-site for safety excellence has been maintained.