PEME Unsung Hero


Every year PEME recognises the work and attitude of one of our colleagues with the PEME Unsung Hero Award.  The individual deserving of acknowledgement and recipient of the 2016 award is John Stevenson.

This PEME award is reserved for special individuals who work tirelessly for the benefit of the company and our clients by providing a vital service behind the scenes.  They do great work, often unnoticed by many, but achieve great results.

John joined PEME in 2007 and is currently deployed on one of our Asset Care contracts in the chemical sector but has in his time with PEME been employed on many of our client sites in either a Plant Maintenance or Projects Installation role.  John is an outstanding mechanical fitter and has overcome many challenges and implemented innovative and effective engineering solutions in support of PEME and our clients.  He consistently delivers exemplary performance and frequently delivers above and beyond normal job requirements.

In presenting this award to John, MD Ashley Maile said “John Stevenson epitomises the term ‘Unsung Hero’, he is the first name requested by our Operations Managers when mechanical expertise is required on a job and he travels the length-and-breadth of the country, from Barnsley to Bristol, for us. He never complains and never lets anybody down.  John is unselfish, has done great things and until now has not had the full recognition he thoroughly deserves.

John is showing receiving his award from Ashley, on-site and in a short break between jobs, just to emphasise why he was nominated for this award.