PLC Support Awarded

PEME - Tony Blacker

The in-depth coding work carried out by one of our engineers to support recipe formulae and supplier changes has been recognised with an ‘On The Spot Award’ by our client.

PEME’s Tony Blacker is shown receiving his award from Andrew Dawson (AkzoNobel Site Manager) for his assistance in updating existing codes and producing new codes to support manufacturing.

Tony has been a key PLC Automation Engineer with PEME for nearly 3 years. On a daily basis, he looks after the Control and Instrumentation requirements on our client’s site and his skills and expertise provide on-the-spot solutions for which the client would otherwise have to wait for external support.

In this case, product codes were changed at short notice and Tony methodically changed each code so that there were no problems when running the new recipes. This resulted in very little production time lost in what was a busy-and-hectic schedule. Where difficulty in processing codes was experienced, Tony developed new PLC code to resolve issues quickly.

PEME Operations Manager with responsibility for this site, Paul Seammen, said “Tony conducted this task in a very systematic manner which allowed him to complete it quickly with no hick-up’s and I’m pleased that his diligence has been recognised by the manufacturing leadership at this site.”