Positive Behaviour Awarded

PEME - Positive Behaviour Awarded

Two PEME engineers have been awarded a ‘Green Card’ by the Principal Contractor on an asset care improvement project for a leading food manufacturing business. The project included the installation and testing of the electrical supply and associated control cabling to the equipment for a new Weigh Feeder, whilst ensuring all relevant standards and regulations were met.

The ‘Green Card’ is a ‘Contractor Discipline Reporting Form’ and is used to highlight positive safety behaviours amongst on-site contractors by one of our food sector clients.  When the behaviour is less than expected a ‘Red or Yellow Card’ is issued requiring further corrective / preventive actions.

The PEME engineers who have been recognised with the award are Phil Selley and Gary Williams. PEME stalwart Gary has been with the company for 20 years. Whilst Phil is in the closing stages of his Electrical apprenticeship and has a promising future ahead of him. Both are important members of the on-site team.

The  Principal Contractor in awarding the green card said “In the 8 months I’ve worked with Phil and Gary I have audited them as a team 8 times. They have always responded positively to the auditing procedure and have never dropped any scores. They work safely and neatly, paying constant attention to food safety.”

Lee Dale, PEME Operations Manager responsible for running this contract said ‘’I am very pleased that Gary and Phil’s positive approach to working safely, whilst remaining vigilant at protecting our client’s brand, has been acknowledged. Whilst it is always nice to receive positive feedback from the client, it is also great that this type of behaviour is being passed down through future generations of PEME engineers. To ensure this excellent behaviour was also fully recognised by PEME they have both been awarded Amazon vouchers.”