Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is carried out on assets to find degradation before failures occur.  To improve the reliability of your assets and avoid unscheduled breakdowns, it is essential that effective planned maintenance tasks are conducted at appropriate task intervals.

Many maintenance departments only provide a “fire fighting” response to breakdowns and do not provide a planned, proactive approach to Asset Care. This results in costly unscheduled downtime.  Our engineers are skilled in conducting Preventive Maintenance tasks quickly and effectively ensuring that potential failures are detected, reported and addressed.  They are trained to ensure these maintenance engineering interventions do not themselves result in unscheduled equipment downtime.

When you partner with Musk, you get more than just an engineering labour pool. We provide on-site leadership dedicated to Asset Care, Safety, and Reliability Improvement. We can take full accountability of your Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) system and apply our specialist knowledge to refine your Preventive Maintenance routines to increase the effectiveness of your Plant Maintenance including the introduction of an effective Condition Monitoring program.

The Musk Asset Care teams are very proficient at diagnosing when equipment is about to fail and planning maintenance engineering functions.  This allows us to plan interventions to minimise the impact on production.

Replacement of lifed components and equipment overhauls or restorations can be an effective element of your Preventive Maintenance mix and Musk has extensive Continuous Improvement Project Installations experience in replacing and overhauling individual equipment through to major assets.

Musk also delivers significant Plant safety improvements and risk reduction by ensuring you meet your Engineering Compliance commitments.

That’s why Musk’s approach to Preventive Maintenance as part as a key component of an Asset Care Strategy makes sense; it is what we do, it is our core competency.  We have a skilled, trained and motivated staff of exceptional engineers, supervisors and managers who can make your Plant run better.