Pro-active Corrective Intervention

Lewis Cosgrove - 2

Lewis Cosgrove has been awarded an individual Safety Award by one of our Asset Care partners for taking immediate corrective action when he noticed failed main lighting and emergency lighting circuits.

As Lewis left a changing room, he noticed that the nearby staircase was in complete darkness and the potential for someone to fall, when using the staircase, was significantly increased as the emergency lighting had also failed. The adjoining corridor is also used as an emergency exit route and this was also in complete darkness. He acted immediately and isolated the staircase / walkway with barriers and quickly identified the faulty light fitting and took it out-of-service, so that the circuit could be re-energised.

On further investigation, Lewis found the existing light fittings were brittle and the chance of the circuit failing again was high and raised a Near Miss to this effect. Since he raised the Near Miss, a permanent solution has been implemented and the circuit has now had new LED light fittings installed.

Ian Marsh, PEME Operations Manager and Lewis’s line manager said “Potentially, other people had walked-by and not noticed or reported this issue. Lewis had the obvious technical skill-sets to recognise a common-mode failure had occurred but also demonstrated the right safety behaviour in acting immediately so no-one was hurt and then ensuring a permanent solution was put in-place to prevent re-occurrence. This positive attitude has been recognised with this award”.