Value Award Galacticos

AkzoNobel Value Awards

Four of PEME engineering team based in Slough have been recognised by an AkzoNobel Value Award scheme that has been created to honour and reward individuals for their contribution to the site efficient operation. All four engineers selflessly took personal responsibility and actions that resulted in minimising production losses for our client.

PEME’s on-site team supports our client with a multi-skilled team conducting Plant Maintenance  tasks. The citations for the awards presented to PEME personnel were as follows:

  • A control room computer had failed outside of normal working hours. Due to a delay in obtaining an out-of-hours IT engineer, the graphics screen had been ‘down’ for several hours resulting in lost production. PEME’s Brendan Collis investigated the problem and found a solution allowing the Plant to resume production. Brendan’s Value Award nomination stated “He had a great attitude and did not give up. He used his initiative saving the company production lost time and the need to call out an out-of-hours IT engineer.”
  • Having completed her shift and gone home, Anna Walker (PEME Operations Manager) voluntarily returned to the site at 23.00 hours to help her team with a problem with a silo rotary seal. Whilst trying to resolve the issue the team had to empty the silo of approximately 1500 kg of powders in order to fit the replacement seal. Having fixed the engineering issue and ensured production was resumed, Anna voluntarily remained on site to help with the clear-up of removed powders.
  • A product transfer pump needed changing but access was very difficult due to a scaffolding platform being positioned above the pump.  The obvious solution would have been to wait for the scaffolding platform to be removed but this would have resulted in the production Line being ‘down’ for approximately 14 hours.  PEME’s Brian Sayer and John Hare could have left the job to be done until the scaffolding was removed but they conducted a risk assessment, identified a safe method and took the task on, preserved and changed the pump returning the line to production much earlier than would have been the case.

The picture shows from left to right, Brendan, Anna and Brian.  John wasn’t available as he was in the Plant earning another award.