Prompt Mitigating Action

PEME - Glen Masson

Awareness of the unacceptable consequences of product spillage, in a specific operating context, led PEME’s Glen Masson to make an immediate positive intervention and stop a potential hazardous situation developing.

Glen’s alertness and positive action has been recognised by our client with a site Safety Award.

Whilst performing a Line Walk Glen spotted contamination from product spillage causing elevated operating temperatures on a production asset. He also recognised that the machine was located in a Zone 22 ATEX area and that this presented some risk.  He immediately removed the contamination and informed production to allow Corrective Maintenance to deal with the root cause at the next opportunity.

PEME Operations Manager with responsibility for Glen’s on-site team, Fanie Blignaut,  said “I am delighted that Glen was presented with this award. PEME utilise Line walks as an essential element of our Asset Care strategy.  They are formal route-based tradesman walkarounds that are scheduled and conducted with the Plant operational and include interaction with the Operators. They complement our directed Preventive Maintenance schedule and detect developing defects on equipment that is visible during normal operation.  Line walks are an effective maintenance tool in our fight against ‘factory blindness’; i.e. maintainers and operators no longer seeing or acknowledging reliability or engineering compliance issues on their assets because they’ve always been that way.”