Quality Award Winner


The vigilance shown by PEME’s Michael Potts, whilst carrying out a routine maintenance task has been recognised by our client with a Quality award. Michael is a member of our on-site Plant Maintenance team at Tate & Lyle in East London.

As Michael was preparing the routine replacement of a common component, he took extra care to conduct a thorough pre-installation examination and found these particular components were in a condition that did not meet the required quality standards and therefore, he reported this immediately.

Our client was able to follow this up with the supplier and a new procedure has been put in-place to prevent re-occurrence. Michael received a gift voucher and nominated parking for a week.  The Reliability Team Leader nominated Michael for his award and advised “Less vigilance would have resulted in these components being installed, so this was a very good spot and worthy of a nomination.”

Barrie Robinson, PEME 2016 High Performance Leadership Award Winner, said “Michael’s actions to firstly recognise that there was a problem and secondly, to force a positive intervention has avoided an unacceptable consequence for our client and demonstrates to his colleagues the type of ‘making a difference’ behavior we encourage within all our Asset Care teams across PEME.”