Rapid Response Appreciated

PEME - Lee Cardew

Our client suffered a breakdown on one of their critical assets which resulted in lost production.  Lee Cardew from the PEME on-site Asset Care team responded and carried out a timely repair to ensure the impact of the breakdown was limited.

The asset was an enrober, used to coat a food item with Chocolate and is a mechanised alternative to hand-dipping.  The enrober had suffered a snapped shaft and Lee had to return to site to ‘face off’ the damaged section of shaft on the lathe and then construct a replacement before refitting to the conveyor.

PEME Operations Manager, Lee Dale, said “This was an excellent response from Lee and my on-site Asset Care team who were able to conduct the reactive maintenance safely and in a timely manner to limit the impact on production. I have now initiated an investigation by PEME’s Reliability Improvement team to see if there are any lessons to be learnt from this incident for the Preventive Maintenance or Condition Monitoring program.”

The Business Unit Engineering Manager sent an appreciative message to our Asset Care Team “Many thanks for all your support last night in helping us to rectify the issues experienced with the snapped shaft on the Enrober, particular thanks to Lee for his rapid response. Your efficient efforts saw that we were able to effect a repair in a timely manner.”  Additionally, our client’s Central Engineering Manager said “Thank you for your professional attitude and excellent response.”