Robot Tools Improved

PEME recently completed an End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT) project for a Tier 1 automotive manufacturer.  The purpose of this project was to improve parent machine availability and reduce the negative impact on production by introducing best-practice processes and infrastructure to maintain the EOAT throughout its life-cycle.

We have experience of improving EOAT arrangements in several sectors including EOAT that are used to transfer cans onto packaging lines, transfer packages in packaging areas and EOAT used for assembly purposes.

The Problem:

A Root Cause Analysis (RCA) investigating machine downtime had recognised that EOAT asset care, storage and operational arrangements were inappropriate and the poor reliability of these assets was significantly contributing to lost production.  The EOAT are used in robotic automation applications to transfer and prepare parts from an injection mould machine onto a transfer conveyor / assembly line.

The Solution:

This reliability project addressed over 400 EOATs and the following deliverables were provided:

  • A life-cycle Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), outlining the responsibilities, procedures and processes to be followed through four life-cycle phases, i.e. Design, Acquisition, In-service and Decommissioning.
  • Critical spares list, including price breakdown.
  • Population of the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with all current EOATs asset identification information, including the current year’s production requirements.
  • Preventive Maintenance Task List compliant with best-practice Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) principles.
  • Visualisation Board design showing operational status and appropriate manufacturing tooling .
  • EOAT Workshop design plans incorporating layout, tooling and infrastructure requirements including associated costs.
  • Identification of the level-of-effort and manning requirements to introduce ownership of all onsite EOATs and be responsible for conducting EOAT maintenance including remedial actions, critical spares stock replenishment and ensuring the EOAT are kept within agreed specifications.
  • Bespoke storage system for both high and low utilisation EOAT.
  • Agreed methodology for EOAT change activities.
  • Management procedure for EOAT software, including change control and program back-up procedures. 

The Benefits:

  • Improved control and visibility of EOAT.
  • Improved EOAT condition with potential failures being found before a functional failure and lost production is suffered.
  • Reduced EOAT change time through appropriate software / design / operational parameter control.
  • Clear ownership of assets.
  • Reduced production downtime.

If you are interested in finding out if PEME can help improve the condition of your assets and reduce the risk of lost production please Contact Us.