Safety Contribution Awarded


The good work two PEME engineers, Ian Aram and Andy Wilkins, are doing to contribute to safe operation has been recognised with a joint Contractor Safety Award from one of our clients.

Ian and Andy (pictured) are members of the PEME on-site Plant Maintenance team embedded within the Tate & Lyle engineering department at Silvertown in East London.

PEME is always looking for ways to support site success and our team at Tate & Lyle have improved centrifuge basket ‘swing’ monitoring.  Centrifuges spin-off excess syrup, but can suffer from uneven sugar build-up leading to imbalance and the tripping of an anti-gyration switch (swing).  By monitoring ‘swings’ immediate interventions can be made to prevent catastrophic failures and initiate maintenance action. This not only reduces risk but improves asset availability.  Andy and Ian have played a fundamental role in pro-actively conducting maintenance interventions to contribute to continuous safe operation.

Our Site Operations Manager, Fanie Blignaut, said “All the hard work we have made towards dealing with basket swings is starting to pay off now. I am really pleased with Ian and Andy and the contribution they have made and grateful that this has been recognised by our customer.”