Safety Improvements Soon

New PEME Safety Handbook

PEME’s Safety Management System has been reviewed, improved and updated to reflect changes in legislation and incorporate lessons-learnt from our Asset Care projects and contracts.

A new audit system, is being introduced in the next few weeks, which  targets issues where Positive Interventions with people can: result in safer ways of working; better quality control; identification of training requirements and highlight issues quickly for our clients. All PEME Managers and Supervisors will receive in-house training from the PEME Safety Team in how to best use the new system and implement the changes required. The data gathered will be analysed to highlight where further improvements can be made.

Another important change to our Health and Safety armoury is a completely re-designed and revamped Health and Safety Handbook. The original Handbook which has been issued to all our personnel over the last 20 years required updating to make it more user friendly and readable.  The revised version will be bright, informative and easy to follow.  It will still contain all the information our workforce needs to make good decisions for themselves, our clients and the business. The handbook has taken 12 months from inception to birth and should be available during April / May 2016 when everyone will be re-inducted and issued with a copy.

The PEME Safety Management System is already comprehensive, well regarded and rigorously tested but the new Health and Safety Handbook is another step forward which has provided us with an opportunity to radically change and re-brand the way we promote Health and Safety both internally and externally.  A sneak preview of the Handbook will be given to those attending the PEME Health and Safety Committee meeting in March, when additional comment and suggestions will be asked for prior to printing.  PEME Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Pat McAuley is shown proof-reading the new Handbook.