Safety Risk Averted


PEME engineer, James Maile, recognised a serious hazard and took immediate, positive action to prevent the failure of a production asset from escalating into an incident which could easily have injured personnel or caused more extensive damage to production assets in the vicinity.  This decisive action has been recognised with a Safety Award by our client.

James supervises an Asset Care team and whilst working in the Plant, he noticed that the taper lock bushing of a conveyor had suffered a catastrophic failure, collapsed and shifted onto the conveyor frame. The drum was still running but was rubbing directly against the framework and generating heat estimated at approximately 105DegC. James immediately stopped and isolated the asset. The metal-on-metal contact could have easily created sparks and created a fire or,  as the area is dusty, in the worst case, an explosion.

The asset was repaired and put back into service allowing production to continue safely.  James subsequently raised a Safety ‘Near-Miss’ to ensure lessons are learnt from this failure and Reliability Improvement measures can be taken to prevent this failure from reoccurring in the future.

PEME’s site supervisor, Fanie Blignaut, said “James did exactly the right thing at the time he found the problem in averting a major failure and in completing a Near-Miss.  This is the safety-centric behaviour we expect from PEME engineers and James has set a good example to his team.”