Safety Team Enriched

PEME - John Cord

The reach of the PEME Health and Safety Team has been extended with the recruitment of John Cord (pictured) who has joined us as the Health and Safety Coordinator for our Dundee client site.  John has a wide range of experience and his safety knowledge and understanding will benefit both our asset care team and our client.

John initially supported our client, supplying help and advice to their management team on Health and Safety matters, monitoring safety and acted as a contact point for employees with Health and Safety concerns.  He has also prepared the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan for a future project and established the signage and site establishment required for a significant project to be carried out under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 (CDM2015).

This CDM phase begins shortly and involves sympathetically removing process and production machinery and transporting it to other sites. John will be on site for the duration of the project managing the safety aspects and helping our Project Manager to co-ordinate activities to ensure everyone can work in the safest possible conditions.

John reports to PEME’s Richard Rollings who said “Safety is our number one priority and John joining us provides an example of how we will ensure this commitment to safety extends from our team, including subcontractors, suppliers and vendors to our client. Everyone that works on our projects must adopt and work within our Safety Program.”

John is supported by the PEME Health and Safety Team and Michael Edwards said “We welcome John into PEME, wish him good luck in his new role and hope he has an enjoyable, safe, satisfying and successful time with us.”