Site Safety Audited

Weetabix has audited the safety management practised by the PEME on-site team.  This imbedded team supports Weetabix, carrying out tasks such as engineering legal compliance, continuous improvement mechanical and electrical project installations, maintenance, reliability and condition monitoring.

The safety auditor provided the following feedback “I commend PEME for the great work carried out since the last audit, especially around visual management in the workplace.  As always we look for companies delivering best practice and PEME have shown best practice in the selection and purchasing of PPE, especially ensuring the correct gloves are worn for the task-in-hand.  Thank you for allowing access to your safety management system and well done for the excellent audit score”.

PEME’s Engineering Director, Darren Martin, said “I am pleased with the excellent audit score and positive client feedback, which reflects the effort put in by the PEME Site team and our head office based Health and Safety team, but the identification of areas of improvement are the objective outcome from these safety audits and we intend to concentrate on these recommendations to achieve further improvement”.

The Site Safety Manager said “I congratulate PEME on the great result which has been achieved by the team, as identified at this year’s Health, Safety and Wellness award session, PEME continue to set standards for our contract partners and this audit result refreshingly supports the progress which is being achieved by all of the team”.