Smarter Asset Care

PEME have delivered a practical workshop to the Maintenance Improvement stream at a recent Manufacturing Management Conference attended by Managers and decision-makers from many industrial organisations.

The event provided us with the opportunity to demonstrate how we achieve significant safety and productivity improvement by following a well-defined but pragmatic Asset Care Strategy.

Almost 50% of UK manufacturers say they have a major knowledge gap in their understanding of asset care or maintenance systems according to the Works Management magazine annual Maintenance report.

PEME, provided the workshop to show how manufacturers can conduct an Asset Care Assessment by establishing the gap between what they do now and best-practise.  This helps to set a comprehensive Asset Care Strategy or identify improvement opportunities with existing approaches.

Asset Care is a continuous process improvement strategy for improving the availability, safety, reliability and longevity of physical assets (i.e., systems, facilities, equipment and processes).

Wayne Pheasey (Business Improvement Manager) opened the workshop with an overview of why having an appropriate, tailored Asset Care Strategy is important and why it is also important to measure the effectiveness of that strategy.

PEME use an Asset Care Model that has been developed for use by our own Asset Care teams and on behalf of manufacturer’s to help them understand where they have improvement opportunities.

Wayne is shown emphasising how 5-steps: Reactive, Preventive; Corrective; Predictive and Pro-active delivers Productivity Improvement.

David Hughes (PEME Reliability Manager) then took over the workshop and facilitated the use of audience response technology to complete a live survey on several Maintenance Improvement  elements of their Asset Care regime with group discussion around some of the key findings.

Each delegate was provided with a post-workshop analysis of their questionnaire results and the potential  improvement opportunities they have identified on their site.

If you are interested in understanding how PEME can help you to establish an effective and sustainable Asset Care Strategy please Contact Us