Smells Like Gas

PEME - Paul Broadway

PEME Mechanical Team Leader, Paul Broadway, was tasked to produce a quote to replace a section of suspected corroded gas main. Whilst scoping the task, Paul smelt gas around one end of the piping run and took decisive action to reduce the consequences of failure for our client.

Paul immediately arranged for a fuller survey, from a specialist gas services company, to be conducted and working closely with their senior engineer produced a plan to test and rectify the pipework. Materials and a replacement valve were ordered in preparation and sections of pipework pre-fabricated so the team could react to the worst possible outcomes from the test. If the leak was left to propagate this could have resulted in significant production shut-down.

Work was scheduled during a non-production period to rectify the leak and Paul’s team managed to avoid having to isolate the production facility for an extended period  resulting in no lost production. Other issues were found further downstream such as pre-gas regulation valves leaking, requiring sections of pipe and isolation valves to be replaced to address the failures but also to comply with the latest European Application Standard (BS EN 1775).  Following this experience, Paul has initiated and conducted an extensive survey of the pipe work external to all buildings to ensure longevity of the gas supply pipe work.

PEME Site Manager, Kevin Boddy, said “Paul detected a gas leak and pro-actively reacted to get the remedial done and remove the hazard / risk.  This is the type of behaviour we expect from our engineers across all our sites and Paul has provided an excellent example to all of us, of how we should react and act.”