Summer Partnership Event

PEME - Hollie Martin

PEME are founder members of an IET partnership community for small to medium-sized UK businesses (SMEs) that are driving innovation in engineering and technology and recently attended a Summer Partnership Event.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology IET works hard to inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians and this year, worked in collaboration with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to host the event which centered on the subject of Apprenticeships.

Inspirational talks were provided on what several organisations are doing to include a more diverse range of people into their apprenticeships and the innovative initiatives they are involved with. Four outstanding degree apprentices were then invited to the stage for a panel discussion. They gave their own experiences regarding their degree apprenticeships, opinions of their peers and what they are doing now, as well as giving advice to the audience on how to improve their own schemes.

The development of apprentices is a key element of PEME’s business strategy. Many of our engineers, team leaders and managers started their careers on a PEME Apprenticeship.

PEME’s Hollie Martin is shown at the event, representing our HR department. Hollie said “I learnt a lot from attending this event and found the four female apprentices that presented to be truly inspirational, so much so I am considering a career switch from HR to an engineering discipline”.