Sustainable Asset Care

PEME Asset Care Team

PEME delivered a Maintenance Improvement project, on behalf of a tier 1 automotive client.  To ensure the new planned maintenance solution was sustainable a small PEME Asset Care team, led by a PEME maintenance planner, followed-up the initial project by mobilising and delivering the new Plant Maintenance regime.

This has achieved significant benefits including breakdowns being reduced by 52% whilst corrective maintenance activity has increased by 77%.

The picture shows our on-site Asset Care team of Tomas Cosgrove, Adam Linton and Steve Watkins.  The PEME maintenance planner works alongside our clients production planner and engineering manager. The planner’s role is to plan the scheduled work, for the month ahead, with our client’s production planning team to ensure the availability of individual assets for an allotted time to carry out the Preventative Maintenance activity due that month and address Corrective Maintenance notifications.

Working closely with client Production and Engineering has allowed the PEME on-site team to achieve high completion rates without negatively effecting production. Furthermore, the new maintenance regime now looks for the onset of failures, raises a remedial notification that is prioritised and addresses the majority of issues before they develop into a breakdown and productivity loss.

Part of the asset care team’s role is to drive continuous improvement throughout the area in which they work; one method of improvement is through data analysis. The Maintenance Planner reviews the breakdowns for the last 24 hrs and identifies the ‘top three’ from each area of the Plant. This allows us to identify the ‘bad actors’ which are further investigated via Fast-track Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to eliminate re-occurrences of the fault.

Condition Monitoring has also been implemented on critical assets; we now operate predictive maintenance alongside our preventative maintenance regime. Carrying out condition monitoring has allowed our on-site Asset Care team to be aware of developing failures before they impact production. The appropriate corrective action is then planned with production planners, limiting unplanned downtime to the minimum.