Tomas Earns PGCert

PEME Asset Care Operations Manager, Tomas Cosgrove, has been awarded a well-earned Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Reliability Engineering and Asset Management from the University of Manchester.

Tomas leads one of our Asset Care teams supporting a Tier 1 manufacturer in the automotive sector. He originally joined PEME over 10 years ago as a mechanical apprentice and has gained experience in a range of industrial environments with several engineering and leadership roles including Plant Maintenance, Condition Monitoring and Reliability Improvement.

He has completed the first year of a 3-year distance learning program, consisting of course units which include various aspects of applied management and technology in the field of Reliability and Asset Management. It is designed so participants, already working in industry, benefit from the structure and content of the course in order to enhance their capability in Reliability Engineering and Asset Management.

Tomas was presented with his certificate by PEME’s MD, Ashley Maile, who said “I know this distance-learning course is tough in terms of making the effort and finding the time to study as well as doing their day job, but the knowledge and the maturity our engineers gain from completing higher education like this, massively benefits the individual, PEME and our clients. They better understand what Asset Care is about and are able to lead our teams in delivering productivity improvement via incremental Reliability gains.”

On receipt of this qualification, Tomas said “The PGCert has improved my knowledge of Reliability techniques which in-turn has improved me as an Operations Manager.  I have been able to implement this learning to the benefit of my site because the course so far has given me a deeper understanding of Condition Monitoring techniques, along with a better understanding of maintenance management. The course is demanding, but I am passionate about the subject, look forward to Year 2 and am grateful to PEME for backing me with sponsorship for this degree”.