Turn-Key Dryer Project

Turn-key Dryer Project

PEME have successfully completed a turn-key mechanical and electrical installation for one of our Asset Care partners. This involved the removal of an old dryer and the installation of a new asset with production re-commencing just over 2 weeks from stopping the old installation.

The existing dryer had to be removed over a 72 hour period to allow the space to be ready to install the new dryer within the installation period.

PEME was selected as Principal Contractor for the Dryer installation.  Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015)  a Principal Contractor is appointed by the client to control the construction phase of any project involving more than one contractor. All subsidiary works such as gas isolations, roof penetrations, ducting installation, transport co-ordination and waste removal were also managed by PEME.

We had an important role in managing Health and Safety risks during this Project Installation and exercised our full-range of engineering skills, competencies, knowledge, experience and organisational capability to carry out this project for our client.  The mechanical and electrical tasking was led by PEME’s Jack Murphy and Gareth Major respectively.

PEME worked long hours on this strategic, short-duration, high-intensity project and produced exemplary results with zero accidents or incidents. We introduced new ideas and safety and quality initiatives such as numbered Hi-Viz vests and swarf mats.

The client benefited from PEME delivering this complex project within tight time constraints and now has a facility that can double the through-put allowing production efficiency to be maximised.

The clients Senior Project Manager provided the following feedback: “PEME’s management and teamwork throughout the Dryer Project was second to none, enabling the project to be delivered on-budget, on-time and in full. PEME embraced the Principal Contractor role and managed the CDM area and permits with diligence.  This resulted in an accident-free project. This is credit to everyone who was involved in the project.”

Project in Figures:

  • Approximately 3700 man-hours on-site over a 2.5 week period
  • 147 new cables installed
  • Over 6000m of cable used
  • 3000+ terminations
  • Over 330m stainless basket fitted
  • 10 safety audits completed
  • 2 Near-Misses registered
  • No accidents