Weetabix Embraces CDM 2015

Weetabix Embraces CDM 2015

With the introduction of CDM 2015, many previously non-notifiable projects now fall into CDM and add extra responsibility for the client.  PEME have been proactive in training our key people so they understand the revised roles.

As part of this initiative Darren Martin (PEME Engineering Director) invited two key client stakeholders from Weetabix (Rob Meachin and Allan Ridout) to present to our management team’s monthly meeting and discuss CDM 2015 from a client’s perspective.

PEME has partnered with Weetabix to provide an on-site Asset Care team conducting Preventive Maintenance, mechanical and electrical continuous improvement Project Installations including Design and Software support.  Many of the continuous improvement projects undertaken by PEME need to comply with Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM). `

Rob and Allan provided some useful insights into Weetabix’s expectations.  They emphasised that Weetabix has fully embraced CDM 2015 and that they believe they are leading the way in implementing the system in relation to other business sectors.

To assist with the large number of  CDM projects now being experienced, Weetabix has formed a ‘CDM CELL’ comprising of a Health & Safety Advisor, Principle Contractor (PC) and the Principal Designer (PD).

They have also introduced a Flow Chart providing step-by-step guidance to ensure individual  steps are completed before moving on to the next stage. Rob said “our system is simple to follow if work is planned and the PD appointed at an early stage.”

The picture shows, from left to right; Darren Martin, Rob Meachin (Weetabix Head of Capital, Central Engineering & Facilities Management), Allan Ridout (Weetabix Group Health & Safety Manager), Julian Parris, Kevin Boddy, Richard Rollings and Alan Finnie (all PEME leaders).